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Affordable House for rent in Cebu City

Cebu has been the home for families who want to find an inexpensive house for rent. The city is metropolis always in a rush, but for over the past few decades, it has continued to flourish. In the result of the positive increase of its economic growth, several international investors got interested and opened many career opportunities to the local people.

Fortunately, despite the good economic status the prices of goods and basic needs didn’t increase, instead, maintain the cost which can be attainable to everyone. It is a great privilege for Cebuanos to live near the heart of Cebu because everything will be within their reach. If you plan to live in Cebu, there are numerous of house for rent that’s exceedingly affordable.

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Rent to own houses in Cebu City

However, before choosing to the perfect house for rent, here are some of the factors that you should consider and expect while living in Cebu house for rent.

Everything is accessible

When you live in a house for rent in Cebu, expect that everything you need is within your reach. Since, the city is surrounded by commercial establishments such as restaurants, supermarket, malls, and even hospitals. Cebu house for rent is strategically located in a location where all your needs are found a few walks away from your house.


More time for relaxation

Some say that living in the busy streets of Cebu City lessens you me-time but in reality, it doesn’t. House for rent here in Cebu makes you feel like you’re not living in a city because it has that relaxing ambiance that soothes the stress from the daylong work.


Hassle-free in travelling

Choosing the right house for rent will greatly affects your travel time; that’s why it would be wise to live a house for rent in Cebu since it help you solve your commuting struggles and stress.


More time for the family

Cebu City is the heart of Cebu, which means you are both accessible to travel on the Northern and Southern part of the Cebu province. This will help you spend more precious time with your family if you live in a house for rent in Cebu. Further, there are also suitable venues that you can use for your family gatherings and other special occasions; house for rent here in Cebu are big enough also to cater these memorable events.

House for rent below 10,000

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the cost of living in Cebu City, because everything is cheap yet with high quality. There are many alternative choices that you can find in Cebu as long as you’re very keen with research and has a good negotiating skills. Below are the variety of house for rent that will help you minimize your expenses.

Maria Luisa Estate Park

This is a brand new house for rent with a touch of brand new high-end furnishing. Located in a commercially established setting with various shops for your needs nearby. It has 3 bedrooms and bathrooms with a land-size of 240 m².


An ideal house in a prime location

This is a very good investment for a house for rent, especially that this is ideally situated right beside the Capitol. It accommodated 3 bedrooms with a land-size of 299 m².

House for rent in Talamban

This house is ideally situated at the most prominent and accessible exclusive subdivision in Talamban. An extreemingly spacious house for rent which consists of 4 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom. It accommodates all your parking needs because it has a land-size of 236 m².


Nature-friendly house for rent

If you want to wake up every morning with a naturistic scenery across only your lawn, this one is highly-recommended for you. This is suitable for people who has passion for agriculture and farm.

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