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Paul BettanySenior Designer

House and lot for sale in Cebu

For over few decades that had passed, the population in Cebu City has significantly increased. Mostly, people definitely choose to settle down in the Queen City of the South. Unlike any other highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines, Cebu City managed to balance and monitor the population, to avoid the possibilities of overcrowding.

Fortunately, here in Cebu City, there are numerous lists of for sale house and lot you can choose to settle, and start another chapter in your life; but before looking for a good place, might as well know why Cebu is one of the best locations in Cebu that you must stay.

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Splendid and world-class beaches

Malapascua, Bantayan, and Sumilon are only a few of the white-sand beaches that you can find in Cebu. Plus, there are various water activities that’ll excite you like diving, whale-watching, and surfing. You can all visit these magnificent beauties of nature because all of them are a few kilometers away from Cebu, you might even find a house and lot for sale, too!

Historical festivities

It was in Cebu were Spanish explorers had first landed, and this is the beginning of the rich religious culture that reflects the daily living of Cebuanos. In result, a much-awaited festivity that’s celebrated yearly was born- The Sinulog Festival.

Mouthwatering street foods.

Cebu is popularly known for its delicious recipes of dangit, dried mango, lechon, and chicharon. Especially that these foods were passed down from their ancestors which makes it significant to the Cebuano Culture. It doesn’t matter whether you want to try exotic foods as long as it satisfies your gastronomical cravings.

Unlimited career opportunities

Economic status of Cebu City is surprisingly increasing which created more opportunities for other people. Both small and medium businesses are flourishing- a good indicator that start-up business is good in Cebu.

House and lot for sale in Cebu ready for occupancy

Ever family’s dream is to have a home they can live during the harsh stormy nights and against the raging hot of summer; and that dream has to become a reality. In order for that to become what you’ve wished for, here are the list of house and lot that’s ready for occupancy and for sale; everything is located in the heart of the Cebu City!

A house and lot masterpiece is now for sale!

This magnificent house and lot which is also for sale, is exceptionally spacious and suitable or a big family; since it’s landsize is atleast 1077m² which can accommodate 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Plus, if you want it far from the busy streets of the city, don’t worry because this is located at the private and most secluded areas of Maria Luisa Estate Park at Banilad, Cebu. You won’t definitely feel any regret, because every part of the house is delicately finished and the house and lot costs for only Php 150,000,000.

Brandnew townhomes house and lot for sale in Camputhaw, Cebu!

This house and lot is ideally situated at the back of Sykes, Mabolo. In addition, it’s near to famous fast food chains, St. Benedict and CIE which makes it a perfect home for those with family.

An overlooking house for sale!

The landsize of this fully-furnished house is 1,361m² which consists of 9 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms and has a wide parking space fit for 8 cars; now for sale and ready for occupancy. You’ll never get tired of the space, because it perfectly has a beautiful overlooking sight of the Ocean and Cebu City.

High-end 5-bedroom house for sale!

The Maria Luisa Estate Park with many for sale high-end house and lot is the most sought and prestigious house and lot residential development that aims to offer you more than just a good furnishing and good house and lot for sale. This magnificent house and lot with a land size of 395m² is located at the tophills of Banilad, Cebu.

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