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Paul BettanySenior Designer

Condo in Cebu

There are numerous places you can visit and explore while and during your stay in Cebu; since Cebu is just one of the accessible islands you can visit in the Philippines. The Queen City of the South- Cebu accommodate tourists with different travel and living style; whether you’re a beach lover, an adventurous person or a foodie- Cebu has it all!

In result t the increasing demand of the tourists and travellers to have a temporary abode, there are various condo in the heart of Cebu that you can rent on. Despite the urbanize setting, condominiums in Cebu is less expensive, which makes living affordable and attainable.

Affordable Condo Unit in Cebu for Rent

Now, where you are still about to chose your temporary condominium to stay in, consider these things that you might explore during your stay.

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Mouth-watering streetfoods

Cebu is popular for less expensive handful of exquisite food specialties namely lansiao (exotic soup), larang (salt-water fish and veggies), tuslob-buwa (pig brains) Inspired by the Chinese dishes, there are also the famous siomai and steamed rice if your stomach doesn’t like exotic-tyoe foods. You will never be bored on your foodtrip, because Cebu has many to offer!

Pristine and stunning beaches

The island of Cebu has panoramas of the sky and sea, and beautiful white-sand beaches. During summer, tourists around the world definitely loves to spend the hot season in Cebu; and while enjoying the one-of-a-kind sun-kissed bath, they rent condominiums located in the nearby seashore. Sound interesting, right?

The tastiest lechon.

No one can cook better than the Cebuanos, since Cebu is known for the crsipy and tasty lechon. The international world-famous celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain even said that, Cebuano-made lechon is “the best pig lover”.


Adventurous diving spots

In result to the rich biodiversity of the ocean, it became popular to both amateur and professional divers around the globe. Further, it has also gain a worldwide diving reputation.


Chasing waterfalls

Not only you can find pristine beaches in Cebu, but also a hidden paradise in the depths of a forest. If you want to spend your vacation in Cebu for mountainous trekking and nature-centered trip, the entire Cebu province has sought-after attractions! Kawasan falls are one of the many waterfalls that has a serene setting, ice-cool waters and magnificent natural backdrop. If you want to be staying nearby this magnificent natural setting many inexpensive condo units are available, too!

Cheapest Condo in Cebu for Rent

Should you want to have recommendations or a list of condo units that’s open for a temporary stay, check this list below:

  1. Studio-type unit for rent – This is located near San Carlos University- Talamban Campus in Cebu with a price that starts at Php18,000 per month.
  1. Cheap fully-furnished studio – The good thing about this, it is the location of the condo which is both accessible to SM and Ayala, Cebu. The price starts at Php20,000 per month for both short-term and long-term stay.
  1. Cheap Bare 1-bedroom unit – In a 35 sqm. it already has bedroom and bathroom which costs for only Php17,000 per month.
  1. Condo for rent in Cebu – This is already fully-furnished with at least 1 bathroom, the price starts at Php9,000 per month.
  1. Spacious studio – If you want to maximize your space s it won’t feel like you’re suffocated, I recommend you this condo unit located at the Molave St. in Cebu that costs only fr Php2,200 per day.
  1. Condo for rent – This one is very suitable for people who also works near the Cebu Business Park. It fully-furnished and has 2 bedrooms that costs Php65,000 for long-term duration.


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