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Paul BettanySenior Designer

Affordable Condo Living in Cebu City

In the Philippines, Cebu is considered as the oldest city and the Queen City of the South, which attracts many local tourists and foreigners. The city is remarkably situated in the center of 7000-island archipelago’s geographic; with this, it’s also known as the heart of the cultural heritage of the nation. Recently, Cebu City has been a home of many renowned and incredible tourist spots, with the guarantee of cheap traveling expenses. With this positive points, it becomes ideal for people to start and begin their life here. Since, Cebu City has rich resources which becomes convenient for those who want to live in the city.

Condo for Sale in Cebu

There are now many individuals who are settling in Cebu, especially that there are many career opportunities present in the area. Further, not only Cebu becomes the center for cultural diversity and historical heritage, but as well as the increasing of economic growth; that’s why there are many individuals who chooses to take a leap of faith in this City. Now, the demand for a safe and cozy home increased, which is why there has been many less expensive condominiums with great view!

The location of Cebu is very fascinating. Should you want to be surrounded by the tall trees, green grasses with wild flowers and away from the busy urban lights, there are condos that are placed in the highlands of Cebu. However, you don’t have to worry about the transportation and the steep road, because the road is currently under the process of rehabilitation. On the other hand, if you want to embrace the scenic ocean view, then be ready to feast your eyes with the vast perspective that you can enjoy with the cozy condos located just by the sea.

If you are worried about the cost of condominiums here in Cebu City, rest assured that they’re budget-friendly; plus, the quality of the condos are high-end and extravagant.

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Condominium in Cebu City

Finding for the perfect condominium has never been easy, and you tend to be exhausted about it. Fortunately, I have here a list of recommendations that you might want to see. Check these below:

Resort Condominium near SM Seaside, Cebu

This convenient for people who wants to buy their needs and take a stroll in the biggest Mall in the Philippines. Surely, you won’t be bored with many entertainment shops and foods stall you can choose; just a small drive from your condominium and it’s like an ideal setting for a condo!


Condo for Rent near Ayala Cebu

There are also many condominiums that you can rent to nearby Ayala Mall in Cebu; especially if you’re work is only around the vicinity. You don’t have to worry about the efficiency and how it’ll be convenient on your daily basis. Rest assured that the condos here are pretty much safe and secured.

Condo for Rent in Mabolo, Cebu with breathtaking sea view!

If you dreamt of living and settling for good in a place where everything is green and blue, this one is perfect! Every dream is possible and this quite nature-ish and remarkable condo , is only a few kilometers away from the heart of Cebu City; with that short distance from the city lights, this condo will let you witness heavenly and environmental living.


In Cebu, variety of choices are open for you and opportunities are limitless! Not only that, tourist spots are not that far if you want to visit it. What are you waiting for? Visit Cebu and settle in now!

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